13th Jan 2015

Quite late for this. But i felt, it suits me more, because it feels like a diary entry. It is. Except, it is digital.
I have an exam today. As usual, I am in despair. Running helter and skelter. Listless, as I have always been.
Waiting for things to happen and inspire me. Lately words have started coming out. I am writing a lot too. But I am not sure, if it is good enough. But it feels good when you don’t think twice before writing. It’s a smooth transition. After that day. Wait ! Smooth only because it ignited a stimuli. One i have had a hard time controlling. Effervescent as i have always been, it only aggravates the situation.
Still I am in control. That’s what i believe is required. But it is hard. Not having anybody to hug you anymore when you really want it. I miss that. I never cared where I believe now that there was happiness, once. Now there is just a void. A big dark abyss. Whatevet i do, I don’t garner a response.

This is my life now. I have to live with it. I fight everyday. It goes on.


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