Not Yet

Mist enveloping it
With beachsand by its side
I pick up a rag
Clean it up
Set it right
Air seemingly heavy with vapors
I sit back
On that cosy lounge chair
Ease my back a little
Not a back breaking day, really
But I needed a deft touch
A slight transformation
From normal
A fresh summer sea breeze lashed up
Struck against my face
My body calm,
heart silent yet beating
I don’t remember when I slept
And how much pain I had lost
How much peace was found
How much miseries dissolved in the misty wind
And long forgotten
I remembered
Only the morning sun
That came bursting in
From behind
My eyes shut to a close
And the world behind them darkened
Till the time I wake up
I felt
I have lived
Through eternity
And I longed
For another lifetime
Maybe some other paradigm
In some parallel or different universe
I will live,
But, Just
Not yet..


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