I can’t do that
to fuel my passions
for somebody
put them at centrestage
and give them power
to hurt me
And hurt, they will
and I would end up
fixing my wounds
laying bandages after bandages
layers after layers
only to let them
reach out to me
once again
to dash all hopes
of my revival
and put me back
in my misery
Some people just don’t like to see
How happy I can be
Without their presence
If words could whisper
what my heart screams,
this is it…
Leave me be
In my peace
Atleast I wouldn’t have to
subdue my passions
for one lonely soul
so full of oneself
That ignited passions
spoil their inner harmony
To them, I say
in all coherence
and outloud
Leave me be,
In my peace
and my inner harmony..

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