On a cold december night

I yearn 

For the warmth

Of a radiant heart

Brimming with emotions

To nudge me

To sleep

Sing me a lullaby

When my body is exhausted

And her tender touch

Seems to melt all the pain away

And I pass in a slumber

Ever so deep

That is too dreamy to be true

And too long to be realistic

And when I wake up

I miss that urge

So subtle it used to be

To rush for that phone

Hurriedly reading through the texts

As if, expecting something

End up smiling,

If there was any surprises,

If not, then 

Sending a little something their way

Just to see them smile

Or yet,

That naive attempt to woo

And when I come to my senses,

Where I am today,

I miss it

I miss

What it is,

That you call

That thing called Love..



It’s a curse, really

That the one that doesn’t emote

Implodes between the layers

Of that prudent reserve

Never giving away

The pain beneath

And the other believes

That he doesn’t care

He does, though

But can the other read

What the eyes give away

That is the question

And the root of all there is

That is left,


Never to be spoken of

Never to be talked about

A painful goodbye

A sense of an ending

Deprived of closure

And a hackneyed lot of prayers

Silenced abruptly..


लोग कहते हैं
खंडरों में कुछ बस्ता नहीं

पर शायद

गुमाँ नही उन्हें

इनकी भूली बिसरी

आधी अधूरी टूटी फूटी

दीवारों के बीच

खिलखिलाती जोड़ियों की आशिक़ी

धूप से थककर

सुकून की तलाश में बेचैन

राही का सुकून

और एक और चीज़ है

जो खास है

पुराने दोस्तों की बातें

जो आफ़िस के चक्कर

और वक़्त की ठोकरों में

न जानें कहाँ गुम हो गयी थी

और अब यहाँ

खुदबखुद मिल गयीं

बसी थी कहीं किसी वीरान कोने में

इसी खंडर के

गुम हो गयी थी शायद

पर मिलकर लगा

कुछ है इस जगह में

जो एक लाश में भी जान भरने

जैसी कूवत है इसमें

कुछ है जो 

इसकी दीवारों से सटी

धूप से अठखेलियां करती परछाइयां

और पुराने पीपलों की छांव

मन को भावविभोर कर जाती है

झकझोड़ सा देती है

जैसे कुछ कहना चाहते हों

ये हमसे

और कह न पा रहे हों

बेजुबां जो ठहरे

बस अपने अकेलेपन

की यूँ नुमाइश किये जाते हैं

इस उम्मीद में कि शायद

ये मेहरबां फिर आएंगे



कुछ रूठा रूठा सा आसमान

कुछ सिकुडती सी ज़मीन

कुछ बिलखते से बादल

कुछ आंखों की नमी

ज़ुबाँ कुछ उगलती नहीं

पर गम से वाकिफ़ हर कोई

बस उन्हें ही ख़बर नहीं

पर हमें गिला भी नहीं

इश्क़ फुरसत से

और शिद्दत से हुआ करता है

ज़ोर ज़बरदस्ती से नहीं।।

Note to Self

The err of it

Begins with the fact

That I feel too much

So much that a fear creeps up

Snuggles up against the wall

Inside my heart

And pulls it with a rope

Tied against a nail

Etched innit

The fear

Of feeling so much of it all

And all that at once

And that too

Too soon

Brings a bit of both

Merry and melancholia

And the uncertainty,

Of when, why

And how,

Makes it all the more delightful

For even you don’t know

Which way,

Your fate

Is going to turn

All you can do

Is be optimistic

So much so, that

Even if it turns upside down,

You don’t end up

Drowning in that well

Which you almost,

Almost dig for yourself

That’s the only thing

I’ll tell myself today..

The Social Love

The problem

With love

In this social age

Is how it begins

Like the onset of spring

With those incorrigible rainshowers

Ones that never stop bursting 

Out of that dark cloud

And have every intention

To wet your insides

And leave you vulnerable

With a bit of ecstasy

Mingled with an overflow of emotions

It begins with too much ease

Unexpected, pacing, and 

Grunting heavily,

As it gains up on you

Like that creepy witch

Sneaking up on you

Trying to catch you unawares

And bring you down

And push you,

To the depths of your despair

At that fine opportune moment

When you stop listening

Or paying heed,

To what your mind says

Because you are smitten, already

And when the push comes to shove

You have a hard time

Biting the reality

Coming to terms with the harsh truth

It isn’t easy

And it happens

And it’s nobody’s fault really

It’s just that

Sometimes, rather

Most of the times,

In this world,

People are at a loss,

About how to love,

Or they have forgotten,

What is feels,

To be loved


It’s the celebratory romances,

That have overpowered the truths

That you and I,

Might face, out here

In this world,

Maybe we aren’t inclined to last,

But whatever the age maybe,

I wouldn’t want anybody to feel

What I feel tonight,

What it is to love

And what it is to have lost

I am sad, today

But here’s hoping,

That this too,

Shall pass..



It wasn’t something

That I wasn’t aware about

It had happened before

It just became clear

My words were my biggest adversary

They could speak

A thought different ways

And mean,

Which I never could

And I probably,

Never would

Because words,

Is how an introvert speaks

Words are,

My voice..