The Dream

Did I tell you

What I want to do with you?


I want to wake up next to you

Watch over

As the sunlight moondances

On your illustrious sunny skin

I want to embrace you

In a way that you’ve never been embraced before

And then when you’re awake

I want to gently put your hair,

Ones that are desperately seeking

The embrace of your tender cheeks,

Back behind your earlobes

And come closer

Put my lips in front of your ears

And let you hear

As my breathe jumps up sharply

As your eyes lit up

And you pull me closer,

Closer than what I’ll ever be,

And I’ll then

Whisper sweet nothings

To get you started

On your day’s sojourn

Hoping that the next day

Would be even more beautiful

When you’re sleeping next to me

In my arms

Like there’s no pillow softer than that

That, my baby

That’s my dream..

That’s what I want to do to you..



As I stood there

Gasping for a breathe

After that tiring hike

A look at those rustic indian roses

And some wild blooms

The color of pink and white

Arms in arms, together

Reminds me of you

And the wish I have

To lock you in a tight embrace

First break you

Into a thousand different pieces

To love you

Bit by bit

And then putting you together

To make us complete..

Oh! What a beautiful daydream..

नया इश्क़

कुछ महकती भी है

कुछ बहकती भी है

सुबह की बुलबुल की किलकारियों सी

ज़ेहन में हर लम्हा चहकती भी है

इतराती भी है

बलखाती भी है

शरारतों से मुझे कभी कभी

सताती भी है

सोचता हूँ कि कह दूं

कि इश्क़ है तुझसे

पर न जानें क्यों

डर सा लगता है

कहीं वो ये ना सोचे

कि लो

एक और मनचला आया है बाजार में

अपनी किस्मत आजमाने।।

A Sad Diary Entry of a Happy Lad

I love small things

I love how the earth smells

When the fresh raindrops

Pierce down it’s throat

Absorbing and melting into the heat it carries within

I love how a stranger smiling at you

For no particular reason

Is reason enough to widen your smile

I love simple things

Like having a person up close

Who’s more interested in what’s in your mind

Rather than what’s in your pocket

I love what childhood meant to me

Chasing down airplanes

As I once wished I would fly them

Or fighting with my siblings and hurting them,

And wishing that I never had them

But that was a kid in me,

And it’s still there

Except for the fact that my siblings haven’t changed much,

Everything in my life

Seems to be doing pretty fine

Even though I miss them both, and there’s a third one who I got for free,

They all, still can be jerks

And I am wondering how instead of being a poem

It turned out to be a diary entry..


I guess

I need a different kind of love

One that doesn’t runaway

After realising

What a bad patchup job I am

Stitchted together

With broken shards

Waiting to fall out of

Rather the one

Who appreciates the broken

And whose broken shards

Fuse with mine

And make one complete being

I need that kind of love..

असली हँसी

ख्वाइशों के बोझ तले दफ़्न

एक हल्की सी चीख

कानों तक पहुंचती है

पल भर में ही वो जैसे

गाथा अपनी कह जाती है

मेरी ही गाथा थी वो

पर अब अपनी सी लगती नहीं

फिर न जानें क्यों

खुद से कहता हूं मैं

की तेरी कोई गलती नहीं

दब जाती है फिरसे वो

सही गलत के फेर तले

जुट जाता हूँ मैं फिरसे

कि मेरा व्यापार चले

चाहत दम तोड़ती रहती हैं

दिल के वीरानों में

जब ख़्वाइशों को नज़रबंद किया

अंधेरों के तहखानों में

पल पल घुट घुट मरता हूँ

पर उफ़्फ़ तक न करता हूँ

मैंने जीना सीख लिया है

हँसता नक़ाब ढाँप लिया है

पर कभी कभी जब मैं

अपने अक्स से मिलता हूँ

तो अक्सर सोचता हूँ

कि शायद थोड़ी हिम्मत होती

तो शायद हँसी असली होती।।


That constant erosion

Of that thin sanity

Left fighting somewhere

With them unexorcised demons of the past

And the future,

That beholds more pain

Than the healing it can bestow

And I wonder,

If I really want

To lie in the present

Or just melt away

Or vaporise

Just like these salt waters

That have made a slight stop

At the depth of my eyelids

I don’t want to let go of them

For I continue to live in ambiguity

And these waters,

They hold my precious being captive

Unable to let go of the past

Resistant to forego the pains in the present

And look beyond

What the future may unfold

What a quagmire I am in

All the fruits of my own undoing..